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If you need assistance with configuring software such as Email or FTP, please feel free to visit our general support site for additional information.

Jackson MS: 969.1434
Toll Free: 1.877.NETDOOR (1.877.638.3667)

DSL Frequently Asked Questions

General Info FAQ
  1. What is DSL? Can I get it?
  2. How much does it cost? Are there any setup fees?
  3. What equipment will I need?
  4. Do you offer any discounts?
  5. Why should I use your service if I find a cheaper provider?
  6. What do customers get for their cost per month?
  7. If I already have a modem, can I use it?
  8. Will it work with my existing software?
  9. Will I be able to keep my same email address, if I upgrade to DSL?
  10. How much does it cost to change speeds if I already have NETDOOR DSL?

Support FAQ

  1. What do I do if I have No Sync?
  2. Is My Connection Slow?
  3. How do I connect to Newsgroups?
  4. Where can I find Software Updates?

Q: What is ADSL? Can I get it?

A: ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth over existing telephone lines to homes and businesses. Unlike regular dialup phone service, DSL provides a continously-available, "always on" Internet connection without preventing regular phone usage on the same phone line. You can check your line for availability by filling out this form.


Q:How much does it cost? Are there any setup fees?

A:NETDOOR's residential DSL service is: $45 for 1.5M x 256K per month, and $60 for 3M x 384K per month. The monthly fee covers DSL line charges and internet services but does not include your regular phone service bill from the phone company. The setup fee will be waived for all customers purchasing equipment through NETDOOR. All residential DSL costs can be found here or you can review all commercial DSL costs and account options here.


Q: What equipment will I need?

A: For residential DSL accounts this information can be found at our residential equipment page. Commercial DSL account options and equipment pricing information can be found via the commercial DSL page.


Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Due to the rising costs of providing Internet access, we are unable to offer any discounts at this time.


Q: Why should I use your service if I find a cheaper provider?

A: At NETDOOR, we've lived by the philosophy of "you get what you pay for," and we hope that you do too. We only use the best name-brand hardware and equipment, and that helps us to provide you with the best service around. We believe that the quality of our customer service coupled with the quality of our hardware makes your money well-spent. Also, we have no hidden charges or regulatory fees to stack on the bill. For more information on regulatory fees, read this article.


Q: What do customers get for their cost per month?

A: For each package, our customers receive unlimited "always on" internet access, upto 5 email accounts with 10 megabytes of disk space each, 10 megabytes of space for a personal, non-commercial Web page, and optional access to a UNIX shell account and anonymous user FTP area. You will also receive 50 hours of dial-up access for those times when you are way from home.

Along with this comes NETDOOR's unparalleled customer service for all of our customers. For the full list of services included with that account, click here.


Q: If I already have a modem, can I use it?

A: In most cases, yes. To determine if your equipment will work with our service, please email the make/model of your modem to our DSL Support Staff


Q: Will it work with my existing software?

A: Yes. You will not need to change the software you currently use (ie. web browser and/or email).


Q: Will I be able to keep my same email address, if I upgrade to DSL?

A: Absolutely. You will be able to keep your same email address, etc. Nothing will change except the service you have through us.


Q: How much does it cost to change speeds if I already have NETDOOR DSL?

A: There is no charge associated with a speed change, and it will not be required to renew your contract


DSL Support FAQ

Q: What do I do if I have No Sync?
A1: Power-cycle modem and/or reboot PC

First unplug the phone and power cord from the modem (not flip the power switch since the modem can retain enough charge so as not to really clear the "memory" which should be the goal of power-cycling the modem). Now shut down the PC as well. Keep the modem unplugged for approx. 2 min in order to fully clear the memory. Once the phone line and power cord are plugged back in and the modem begins the boot up process, turn the PC back on as well. Always power-cycle equipment in this order (i.e.: first modem, then router if applicable, then PC). With USB modems that derive power from the USB connection only the PC needs to be shutdown and rebooted but be sure the phone line is disconnected during this time as well and reconnect the phone before rebooting the PC.

A2: Check Connections

Power: Make sure the modem is plugged into a power source (preferably a surge protector for investment protection). If the power light on the modem does not come on and no other lights are lit or if the power light blinks red or shows solid red once it has been plugged in for a couple of minutes then the modem is "dead" and will need to be RMA'ed if still under warranty or replaced.

Phone line/cord: Make sure the telephone line is connected to both the modem and the telephone jack in the wall. The phone cord should be no longer than 15'. Insure the telephone line is not running through any surge protectors or line extenders. Visually inspect the phone cord for any exposed wires or other damage. Even if there is no visible damage to the phone cord try switching to another phone cord in case the problem lies there. Also try a different phone jack (that the DSL number rings to) to rule out problems with the phone jack. Make sure there is a dial tone at that telephone jack and there is no static on the line (if there is no dial tone or significant line noise dial 611 for POTS Repair).

Note: If there is line noise or static on the line try unplugging individual devices including the filter it is plugged into, that are connected to the line, one at a time until the noise or static issue is resolved. If the issue is resolved then the device or the filter is the problem.

Filters: Check to see that microfilters are correctly installed. When customers receive their self-install kit it includes filters for any telephone jack (that the DSL number rings to) that will have any device (i.e. telephone, cable, satellite, caller id, fax or answering machines, connected there. Only one filter is required per jack that will be in use by another device. Have any new devices been added to the line recently? If so, unhook them to see if the problem is alleviated. If the filter is dual port and has both phone and DSL ports then please insure that you are plugging the device into the phone and not the DSL side. The DSL modem DOES NOT require a filter so please insure that there is not one connected to the jack that you have plugged the DSL modem into or if you are using a dual port filter as mentioned above, please insure it is plugged into the DSL side of that filter. If you are using a filter you may also want to try removing the filter and plugging the modem directly into the phone jack since the filter could be damaged in some way and cause the no sync issue. There should be a maximum of 5 filters connected in the house. The more devices and/or filters connected to the line, the more you increase resistance and/or cause line noise which can degrade the quality of any type of connection over telephone lines.

A3: Check for EMI/RFI

Any of these devices could cause interference that effects your modems ability to gain or maintain sync. 900MHz or 2.4GHz phones, wireless microphone, headphones, or speakers, wireless access points or routers, cellphones, radios, large speakers, fluorescent lights, halogen lights, de-magnetizers, TVs, etc. Move any of these devices away from your DSL modem to see if the issue is resolved.

If the modem successfully obtains sync, insure complete functionality by surfing to several different websites and checking email.

If sync is still not acquired by the methods listed above then please call our support department at 877.NETDOOR.

Q: Is My Connection Slow?
A: There are many variables that will effect your download speed when referring to DSL. Some of these reasons may include:
  • Loop Length: The further you are from the Central Office your connection speed may suffer.
  • Interference: Any interference on the line may result in unstable or slow connections. Make sure you do not have any fax machines and/or 900mhz phones near your DSL modem, as that will limit some (not all) interference.
  • Download Source: The speed at which you download files/websites is only as fast as the server you are downloading from. If a server has high traffic, you may expect slower than normal download speeds.

If you would like to test your download speed from one of NETDOOR's servers, please click here.


Q: How do I connect to Newsgroups?
A: To use the Newsgroups with your NETDOOR DSL connection, make the following changes to your news reader.

In Outlook Express
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on the News tab
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on the Server tab
  • Put a check in the box next to "This server requires me to log in"
  • Type in your user name and password in the fields below.
  • Click Ok
  • Click Close
Click here to see an image of the server tab in Outlook Express. In Netscape 4.7x and 6x
  • Netscape will automatically prompt for a user name and password if needed.
Forte Free Agent
  • Click on Options
  • Click on General Preferences
  • Put a check in the box next to "Server requires authorization login"
  • Type in your user name and password in the fields below.
  • Click Ok
Click here to see an image of general preferences in Free Agent.

UseNet Newsgroups - Please see UseNet Newsgroups for general information.


Q: Where can I find Software Updates?
A: Occasionally, our equipment manufacturers will release updates to the software (drivers) for their modems. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for all software updates released but we will be glad to review it further, and determine if it will work succesfully with our service.

If you have upgraded your system (ie. from Win98 to Win2k, etc), please contact our DSL Support Staff with the type of equipment used, and the OS you plan on upgrading to (or have upgraded to). We will locate the necessary drivers for your equipment, and notify you.