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Xbox Live Setup

Xbox Live Setup

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is the online gaming component of Microsoft's Xbox console. It allows users to play multiplayer Xbox titles and download updated content for select games by using your existing broadband internet connection. For more information from Microsoft's official Xbox site, see A Newcomers Guide to Xbox Live.

Xbox Live Requirements

To use the Xbox Live service, you will need the following:

  1. Microsoft Xbox Game Console
  2. Broadband Internet Connection.
  3. Xbox Live Account

What to Expect Online

Once you are connected and playing games with the Xbox Live service, it is important to note your connection statistics that the Xbox displays. These are your upload/download speeds, ping time, and packet loss.

  • Upload/Download speeds (UL/DL) should be over 64, and ideally over 100.
  • Ping time, which is the delay in communication between your Xbox and the Xbox Datacenter, should be 250ms or lower.
  • Packet Loss, which is the ratio of lost or "dropped" packets of information to the total number sent, should be greater than 16/20. 20/20 would mean no loss of information.


For official information about the Xbox and Xbox Live service, please see Microsoft's Official Xbox Live Page.

For general support issues with Xbox Live, go to the official Microsoft Xbox Live Support Page.

More detailed router configuration and troubleshooting information can be found at the Xbox Live and Routers Page.

These directions are meant as guidelines only, NETDOOR cannot provide technical support for these issues at this time.