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Mississippi Residential DSL Comparison

The information below was compiled from available publications on the respective ISPs' websites and other promotional material; hence, all information is assumed to be accurately depicted. Periodically, the information will be updated to reflect changes. Mail corrections/comments to webmaster@netdoor.com.
1.5M x 256K DSL Price $45.00 (Flat Rate) *$32.95
3M x 384K DSL Price $60.00 (Flat Rate) *$42.95
Activation Fee None None
Setup Fee $40 - Waived if equipment is
purchased from NETDOOR
Self install: $0
Pro install: $99.95
Contract 12 months, $50 early termination fee 12 month, $50 early termination fee
Hours of Connect Time Unlimited Unlimited
Equipment Fee $60 Ethernet/USB DSL modem
FREE shipping
$99 DSL modem, free after rebate
$14.95 shipping charge
Technical Support 24 hours a day
7 days a week
24 hours a day
7 days a week
# of Mailboxes 1, w/10 Meg space 1
Additional Mailboxes 4 extra FREE e-mail addresses 7
Access to E-mail Through Web Yes Yes
UNIX Shell Account Yes No
Free Personal Website Yes, 10 megs of space
CGI, PHP, and Perl Access
Yes, 10 megs
Mail and Web Filtering Yes, free e-mail filtering No
Static IP Available Yes, $15/mo Yes, $14.95/mo
Backup Dialup Account. Yes. 50 hours FREE $4.95/mo
Newsgroup Access Yes Yes
* The prices listed above are the advertised price for that particular service. This amount does not include any taxes incurred or any other service related fee(s). Please contact the individual company for complete pricing for their services.

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