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Email Filtering

Our Email Filter captures 90% to 97% of threats such as spam, viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, identity theft, and other dangerous and offensive content coming to your inbox. Although this capture rate is one of the best on the market, it will not eliminate the delivery of hese threats altogether. As email floods increase so does the remaining 3% to 10% that gets through.

NETDOOR closely monitors email to ensure your legitimate mail is getting to you. The Email Filter system is updated every 5 minutes of every day by analysts. If you feel you are getting too much spam please go to our Reporting Spam page for instructions on how to send your examples directly to the analysts to increase the filter's capture rate.


Our new Email Filtering System does not provide a quarantine.

What to do if you feel the filter is blocking your email:

If you feel the filter is blocking your email, please contact our support team at 1.877.NETDOOR or by emailing us at We may need you to provide a previous copy of the message you have received sent to us as an attachment so we can detemine exactly where the mail originates.