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OUTGOING MAIL - SMTP Authentication

NETDOOR offers the benefit of giving users who switch to another Internet Service Provider the ability to use our outgoing mail server without the need to reconfigure your mail client settings each time. SMTP Authentication is allowed on our outgoing mail server by using the same username and password that is used for checking your email account.

Some providers block this capability for using port 25 which is the SMTP port. NETDOOR also allows the use of port 587 in addition. So if you find that your settings do not work simply change the port to 587 and try again.

Settings should be as listed below.
Incoming POP3/IMAP server -
Outgoing SMTP server -
Username -
Password - Your NETDOOR password

IMPORTANT TIP - You must check
"My outgoing server requires authentication"

Then choose "log on using" and enter your and password. Then place a check-mark in Remember password.