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Setting Up an Email Account on a Blackberry Device

You can set up and make changes to an email account for your Blackberry Phone with your NETDOOR email account. You will simply need the standard email account information: your email address and your password.

WARNING: Setting up your Blackberry this way will also require you to setup your email account on your PC as an IMAP account if you currently POP3 your mail. It is simple to do just ensure you save a copy of your current saved emails before deleting your POP3 account and creating it as an IMAP account!


  • The following tutorial is provided as a courtesy to our customers to help you configure your Blackberry Device to work with your NETDOOR account.
  • Third-party software can not be supported directly by NETDOOR. If you have further questions about your Blackberry please visit
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To set up your account on your Blackberry Device

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