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Setting Up Extra Email Accounts

With every Residential Dialup Access account, you have an option of having up to four(4) free additional email accounts. To set up your free extra email accounts:

  1. Connect to NETDOOR
  2. Go to our Member Services page.
  3. Enter your current dial-up username/password and click on the "submit query" button.
  4. On our "Customer Center" scroll down and select "Email Creation" under the email heading.
  5. Enter the information requested and the new email account will be setup in about an hour. (You will be notified by email when this account is ready)

This new account is an "email-only" account and cannot be used for dialup purposes. You will need to connect with your main dialup account, and then you can check this new email account. Once this new account is setup, you will need to configure your email program.

Maximum Message Size

The largest message that you can send or recieve through Netdoor's email server is now 10 Megs(as of 02/2008). Email was never designed to transfer large files. If you need to transfer larger files you should use Web or FTP space. There are many other ways to transfer files such as via ICQ or IRC.


Please see our spam section for additional information.

Maximum Recipient Size

In our efforts to further combat spam a recipient limit has been applied to incoming and outgoing email messages. That means that if a NETDOOR customer tries to send to more than 25 recipients or if someone outside of the NETDOOR network tries to send to more than 25 NETDOOR customers at a time it will be rejected by the mail server. If you have a need to send to more than 25 recipients at a time, here's what we suggest:

  • Break the e-mail addresses up into groups of 25 and send multiple messages.
  • Use our commercial mailing list option, which is available for $25/mo.
  • Set up a mailing list. You can do this for free at There are several advantages to this approach. It is very easy there to administer your list (for example, if someone's e-mail address changed) and it also keeps an archive of previous messages in case you need to refer to them.

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