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Using PHP On Your Web Page

NETDOOR is pleased to announce the inclusion of PHP, the remarkable hypertext preprocessing language, to the personal webserver (known as This feature gives users the ability to produce CGI for their personal webpages in a language other than Perl.

Notice: Netdoor's techincal support department and administrative staff do not provide technical support either via phone or e-mail for the construction and/or debugging of personal PHP scripts. However, the web development team can help with programming and debugging for a fee of $85.00/per hour.

Why use PHP over Perl on your pages?

The biggest advantage of PHP over Perl is that PHP was designed for scripting for the web. The flexibility / complexity of Perl makes it easier to write code. However, because of this, another author / coder will have a hard time reading that same code. PHP has a less confusing and stricter format...all without losing flexibility. In addition, PHP is easier to integrate into existing HTML than Perl. PHP has pretty much all the 'good' functionality of Perl; constructs, syntax and so on, without making it as complicated as Perl can be. Perl is a very tried and true language, it's been around since the late eighties, but PHP is maturing very quickly.

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