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Creating a Guestbook for Your Web Page

It is now possible to add a guest book (ie, a page where people can sign in and leave messages for you and others to see) to your page.

Step 1

Create a file to hold the guest book entries for your web directory, and make it world writable. To do this in Windows, open Notepad and press the spacebar once. Save your file as guestbook.html. Ftp it to and use the SITE command in your ftp client to set the proper file permissions on it (site chmod 666 guestbook.html).

In UNIX, you'd do the following:

touch guestbook.html
and login
site chmod 666 guestbook.html

Step 2

Make a reference similar to the following:

<A HREF="!guestbook.html!index.html">Sign my guestbook</A>

Replacing joe with your login ID and index.html with the filename to return to after the entry is added.