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V.92 is a new dial-up modem standard that was ratified by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in November 2000. The standard provides for an increase in upload speeds, quicker connect times and a modem-on-hold feature that allows the modem to work in conjunction with call waiting provided by the phone company.

V.92 offers exciting features and improvements over the old V.90 standard.

Modem on Hold allows you to place your internet session on "hold" while you take an incoming call. Please note that Modem on hold does require Call Waiting from your phone provider in order to function.

Quick Connect reduces your dialing in time as much as 50%.

V.PCM improves your upstream speeds to 48 Kbps (depending on the quality of your phone line). This makes uploading files and email attachments faster than before.

In order to use the new V.92 standard you will need either a v.92 dial-up modem or you may be able to upgrade your current modem to the v.92 standard. For further information about U.S.Robotics V.92 support or to see if your US Robotics modem qualifies for the FREE upgrade to v.92 please visit

Initially when connecting with your V.92 modem, you may encounter a issue using the Modem on Hold feature. This problem is corrected by updating to the latest firmware for your modem and making sure that the current drivers are installed. The below walk through is for U.S.Robotics modems only. For information concerning another brand of modem please refer to the modem's manufacturer website.

1. To upgrade to the latest firmware for your modem, you will need the ControlCenter software that came with your U.S.Robotics modem. If you do not have the cd, you can still download the software from this URL:

2. Next, to use the Modem on Hold feature you will need ICN. This program is also located on the cd or can be found here:

3. Finally, once you have updated the firmware and drivers on the modem and run the ICN program, you should be able to take advantage of the Modem on Hold feature.

If you are not sure of the type of modem that you have or if you do not have a US Robotics modem then you will need to contact your computer/modem manufacturer or simply visit their website for further information.