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Windows 7

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  • Windows 7 Dial Up Settings

Netdoor provides this documentation as a support tool for customers choosing to manually setup their connection to Netdoor.

The following pages contain image maps of what your Windows 7 configuration should look similar to when it is properly configured for use with Netdoor. You can click on each image as if you were looking at your own settings. In this way you can choose which settings you wish to examine.

Manual setup Configuration

Manual setup - To set up a dial-up connection manually, Click on the Start button and in the box directly above it that reads "Start Search", type "Control Panel" without the quotations and press the enter key on your keyboard. From Control Panel, click on the "Network and Sharing Center", then click on the "Set up a new connection or network." Select "Set up a dial up connection" from the list. Then choose your modem, should be Standard Modem unless you have a specific modem listed.

The first Option asks for your "Dial-up phone number" (What is my Dial-up phone number?).

Then you will need to fill out the "Username:" and "Password:" fields with the information you signed up with. Place a check mark in the checkbox to "Remember this Password."

After this, you can enter in a "Connection name:" and we suggest you use "NETDOOR" without the quotations.

If you have the checkbox to "Allow other people to use this connection" and you want the other people around your computer be able to use this connection we suggest you place a check mark in the the box also.

Once you've finished with all of this hit the "Connect" button to continue and if you wish to skip the test connection please click on the "Skip" button that is now located down at the bottom. If you've chosen to "Skip" the test connection it will show a screen saying that "The Internet connectivity test was unsuccessful" and you will need to choose "Set up the connection anyway". You can now click on the close button and your Internet connection is now complete.