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Networking with a NETDOOR DSL Connection

What type of computer setup do you have?

Wired Setup
One Computer
Two or more computers

Wireless Setup
Two or more computers (This article)

Mixed - Wired and Wireless
Two or more computers

Installing A Wireless Network in your home

*Please note that your DSL modem is preconfigured for ease of installation*

What is wireless networking?

Wireless networking allows you to utilize one DSL connection from multiple computers wirelessly in your home.

Click here for additional info on settings for the wireless router

Equipment needed:

  1. A computer with a network card (NIC)
  2. A DSL Connection
  3. A DSL modem. [Zoom network settings]
  4. A wireless router, this allows your computers to share your DSL connection wirelessly.
  5. Each computer will need a wireless network adapter. This allows your computer to communicate with the wireless router.

Setting up your wireless network

  1. Make sure you have all the equipment listed above.
  2. Make sure you have the documentation for this new equipment nearby for quick access. Since this is only a general guide to setting up a home wireless network, some instructions may vary depending on your hardware.
  3. Make sure all of your equipment (The DSL modem, the router, and all computers) are powered down.
  4. Find a suitable place for your wireless router and DSL modem. If the computers you wish to use are on multiple floors, the router needs to be placed in an area best suited for ALL computers.

    EXAMPLE 1: If you live in a three story house with computers on all three floors, the wireless router should be installed on the 2nd floor.

    EXAMPLE 2: If you have computers at both ends of your house, the best place for the router is in the middle.
  5. Connect the ethernet cable (network cable) to the "Ethernet" port on the modem and the uplink port on the wireless router. (This port could say "Internet" or "WAN", view manual that came with router for more information.)
  6. Power up the wireless router and connect a computer to the router using a physical connection. (Ethernet cable, usb, or serial depending on your wireless router.) Get all settings that your router requires for computers to connect wirelessly. Please review the manual that comes with your wireless router for more information about setting up your router.
  7. Configure all wireless adapters with the settings for the router.
  8. Follow the software setup instructions (if not already completed).
  9. Test the connection by going to Internet Explorer and going to http://www.netdoor.com.

Additional Info for Wireless Router Settings

In this example, the Zoom modem has an outside IP assigned from NETDOOR. The default, internal IP of the modem is ''. The Zoom modem is connected to the hub/switch/wireless router's uplink port (*Note: Some wireless routers have a built in hub or switch). The WAN IP of the wireless router is set to, and uses DHCP to assign each wireless device connected to it (typically starting at

For this example to work, you have to do the following (Please refer to your hardware guide for more specific instructions):

  1. Wireless Router
    1. Turn NAT off
    2. Set the 'Static IP' of the WAN to '' (This address is from the Zoom modem)
  2. Zoom Modem
    1. Make a 'Static Route' in the Route Tables section to, with for the network, and as the subnet mask