Setting Up Your FTP Area

All dial-up access customers are allotted 10MB of space for their personal FTP. You can request that your FTP area be setup by sending email or contacting our support department.

Once your FTP area is setup you will be able to access it with any FTP program by connecting to the host address ftp.netdoor.com with your normal NETDOOR username and password. If you intend to make your files publicly available for download, simply navigate to the /ftp/data/users/your_username/ directory and upload them there.

Anyone can view or download the files you put into the directory listed above via anonymous ftp by using their browser to navigate to the address: ftp://ftp.netdoor.com/users/your_user_id/.

Click here to see an example of the WS_FTP LE (included on the Netdoor CD) setup to access our FTP server and additional steps that show an example of using WS_FTP LE to transfer a file to FTP space.

FTP Programs*:

*Note: We do not provide support for these products. Please contact the vendor if you experience any issues.