: Dial-Up: Linux

Connect to Netdoor using Linux

Today, more and more people are using Linux. There are many variations, some of the more popular being Redhat Linux, Mandrake Linux, and Slackware Linux.

There are many more distributions of Linux available, and it would be difficult to cover all of them.  However, there is one program, called X-ISP that can be run on almost any distribution of Linux.  It also works independently of your distribution and has been specifically tested with Netdoor's service.

Almost all distributions are packaged with Netscape, and the latest version can be downloaded from their homepage. Other independent software packages include: Adora, for email, Agora, for newsgroup reading, and Konqueror, for browsing.

See our Linux configuration for more setup/installation details.

If you have any questions, mail them to linux-info@netdoor.com