: WebMail

WebMail from NETDOOR

Go straight to your mailbox.

NETDOOR'S WebMail uses IMHO, IMAP Mail HOst, which is a web-frontend to your mailbox. This gives you convenient mobile e-mail access. Because WebMail is entirely web-based, you can access your e-mail from any system with a browser, anywhere in the world.

WebMail is not meant to replace your regular POP3 email client, but allow you to check your email when are not at your own computer or away from home.

Here are some quick instructions to help you get started.

  1. Go to http://webmail.netdoor.com/
  2. You should also see a login box, type in the username and password you use with Netdoor.
  3. You will be presented with a preferences window, the first time you login into WebMail. Set your preferred setting then click "Save and use".
  4. The twenty newest messages in your mailbox should now appear in the window. Please remember these messages are on the server until you download them with your "real" e-mail program.
  5. Click any message's subject line to view the message body.
  6. Once the email is displayed, you should see familiar options:
    • Show full headers -- Displays email's full headers
    • Delete -- Delete the current message
    • Read Next -- Read the next message in your box
    • Read Previous -- Read the previous message in your box
    • Reply -- Reply to the author of this letter
    • Reply All -- Reply to all people who received this email
    • Foward -- Forward this email to other recipients
  7. From the left side of the window, you have the following options:
    • Compose -- Compose a new message
    • Current Mailbox -- Brings you back to your message listings
    • Mailboxes -- Allows you to create sub-mailboxes to store email messages
    • Address Book -- Allows you to store email addresses of your friend, family, co-workers, etc.
    • Preferences -- Set the way you want WebMail to behave everytime you log on
    • Check Mail -- Check for new messages
  8. To Exit, click the "x" or select "Logout" from the side menu

Note: All information that is sent between you and the webmail server is encrypted for security.