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Uploading to your web space using Fetch FTP for Mac

Step 1 of 9 -Configure

  • Open Fetch FTP, click on Customise then select New Shortcut. The window below will open.
  • In the Name box enter NETDOOR Webspace.
  • In the Type box select folder.
  • In the Host box enter www2.netdoor.com.
  • In the User ID box enter your NETDOOR username.
  • In the Password box enter your NETDOOR password.
  • Leave the Directory box empty.

Step 2 of 9 -Uploading

  • Connect to NETDOOR then open Fetch FTP.
  • Click on File and select New Connection.
  • The New Connection window will appear.
  • Click on Shortcuts and choose your NETDOOR Connection Shortcut.
  • Click OK to connect.

Step 3 of 9 -Uploading

  • You have now connected to the personal web server and should see the following screen.
  • This window displays all files that are currently stored in your web space.
  • To select files from your computer to upload, select the Put file button.

Step 4 of 9 -Uploading

  • Select the file to be sent by selecting the correct folder then file on your computer.
  • Click Open.

Step 5 of 9 -Uploading

  • A new window will appear asking how you wish to save the file. Select Raw Data.
  • Click OK and the file will be uploaded.

Step 6 of 9 -Uploading

  • To upload more than one file at a time, click on Remote and then select Put Folders and Files.

Step 7 of 9 -Uploading

  • Select the files you want to upload and click Add (or Add All).
  • Click Done once you have selected all the files you want to upload.

Step 8 of 9 -Uploading

  • A new window will open asking to you select a file format to use to transfer your files.
  • Choose Raw Data for both text and data files. Click OK upload your files.

Step 9 of 9 -Uploading

  • Once your files have been uploaded to your web space you will see the following window, this is the list of all the files and folders located in your web space.

If you have any difficulty, please email support@netdoor.com.