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Outlook Express

Common Errors or Issues

There are no known errors with the current version of this email client at this time. Microsoft does, however, have updates to older versions. If you are using Windows 98 you can go to Windows Update to get the latest version.

Normal Configuration

The following pages contain image maps of what Outlook Express should look similar to when it is properly configured for use with Netdoor. You can click on each image as if you were looking at your own Outlook Express settings. In this way you can choose which settings you wish to examine and make sure your's are correct.

Click here to see the standard configuration of Outlook Express for use with Netdoor.

Using Different Identities

With Outlook Express 5, a new feature has been added. You can create separate identities, similar to Netscape. Here is the the entire process.

  1. Click on File, Identities, Add New Identity.
  2. A "New Identity" screen will pop up, type in you full name or the name or nick that you want to name this identity.
  3. From this point, you have the option to put in a password to keep unwanted people seening your email. Check the box that has the "Ask me for a password when I start".
  4. An "Enter Password" box will pop up and you will need to type in the password that you would like to use. Type it in the second time to confirm the password. (You will NEED to remember this password.) (*I will see if I can find something on the internet about forgetting the password ad if there is a solution for it.) Then hit "Ok". Then "Ok" again.
  5. It will then configure Outlook Express for the new identity. After doing so, it will ask you if you would like to switch to the new identity. Click "Yes". After clicking "Yes", it will bring up the Internet Connection Wizard.
  6. Type in the name that you will want others to see when you email them. Click on Next.
  7. Type in your NETDOOR email address. (example: usename@netdoor.com) You also have the option of getting another email from a web based email server. Click on Next.
  8. Your NETDOOR incoming mail server is a POP3 server. Your incoming and outgoing mailservers are both, mail.netdoor.com. Click on Next.
  9. In the Account name field, type your username in all lower case letters. In the Password field, typer your password in all lower case letters. You can leave the Remember password checked if you don't want to type in your password everytime when Outlook Express checks your email. Click on Next.
  10. Congratulations. You finished. Click on Finish.

You will now have the option to import you email messages and address book from a previously installed email program.

  1. If you do not have another email program installed or are not using one anymore, mark the option Do not import at this time. Click on Next.
  2. Click on Finish.
  3. Now you are ready to check your email.


  1. Click on File, then click on Switch Identity.
  2. Choose the Identity that you will want to use.
  3. Select the Identity that you want to use then select OK. If you previously had it set to Save the password, you will need to enter it in the password field.
  4. It will then take you to your Inbox.