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How to Configure Netscape Communicator for Multiple Profiles

  1. Close Communicator.
  2. Open User Profile Manager by clicking the Windows Start button and click Programs, Communicator, Utilities, and User Profile Manager.
  3. In User Profile Manager, click New. On the next page, read the information about profiles and then click Next to continue. Proceed to input the requested information.
  4. For Profile Name, just enter the new username for this account. As for the directory to install this profile, just use the default information. Click Next.
  5. It should now prompt to Setup Your Internet Account. Since you already have Communicator setup, click Yes and then click Next.
  6. It will then prompt you to Select an Internet Account. Just select NETDOOR from the list and click Next.
  7. At this point, it should prompt for a Full Name and Email Address. Just enter the correct information for this account. Click Next.
  8. At the prompt for Outgoing Mail Server, just enter mail.netdoor.com. Click Next.
  9. Now, at the prompt for Mail Server User Name, just enter the new username. Remember to enter it in all lowercase letters with no spaces. Also, just enter mail.netdoor.com for the Incoming Mail Server and select POP3 as the Mail Server Type. Click Next.
  10. Please enter the news server, news.netdoor.com, on the next screen. Click Finish.
  11. Just repeat the above steps again, when adding additional email accounts.