: Dial-Up: Windows XP
Windows XP
To make the NETDOOR connection use the area code:
  1. Click the 'Start button'
  2. Click 'Control Panel'
  3. Double Click the 'Network Connections' icon
  4. Right click the 'NETDOOR' icon
  5. Left click on 'Properties'
  6. Select the 'Use Dialing Rules' check box
  7. On the Dialing Rules tab, click the location to modify, and then click 'Edit'.
  8. Click the 'Area Code Rules' tab.
  9. To add a new area code rule, click New. Or to edit an existing rule, click the rule and then click Edit.
  10. In Area code, enter the area or city code.
  11. In Rules, select one or both of the following: To dial a number before the phone numbers that contain these prefixes, select the Dial check box, and then type the digits to dial. For example, to dial long distance, enter a 1 in the box. To dial the area code before the phone number, select the Include the area code check box.
  12. Click OK.